2019 BMW X3 SUV Review

Likelihoods are, you’ve seen countless BMW X3′ s along the road. Over million of them have been sold worldwide, and a exhibition clod of those help find their course onto UK driveways. This third generation, though, faces some potent race. Primarily from the likes of Audi’s Q5 and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and then again it is fitted with the latest gadgets to amuse and schmooze, and it’s lighter and more efficient than before. In this video recollect we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive, how easy it is to live with, and retain if you’re interested in buying one, at the end of this review head to to our New Car Buying service where we can potentially save you thousands.

First though let’s see what this car is like on the open street. The 2-litre xDrive 20 d diesel engine that we’re testing today is the most popular in the UK, and it’s easy to see why because it offers strong operation whether you’re driving around municipality streets, or in the outside lane of the motorway, and is far punchier than equivalent diesels you’ll find in its rivals.

If you’re after more gait then the straight six engined xDrive 30 d is agreeably speedy, and for stunning recital go for the range-topping M4 0i. But mention it also has breathtaking fuel economy, and if you’re doing principally urban miles then the two litre petrol is a good pick. The two-litre diesel engine isn’t the smoothest in its class, but it is better than the Discovery Sport. There’s very little breath and artery interference, so this cabin is a very quiet place to be – most of the time.

Most versions of the X3 get passive non-adjustable suspension as standard while M Sport versions get stiffer springs and the M40i has a lowered adaptive setup by default. On most versions though, you can also opt for adjustable dampers for an extra fee and with this chosen, and its most comfortable placing the X3 travels fairly well and copings with lumps and lumps in the road amicably. It’s only when there are plenty of small-scale dimples that it tends to fidget. Most SUV buyers will not be looking for agile handling as their top priority, that said here on adaptive postponement the X3 does keep it’s chunky torso nicely in check through tight corners.

Although Audi’s Q5 offers a little bit more grip. If you’re buying an SUV because you’d like a grand driving primacy and a great commanding view of the road then the X3 emphatically delivers. That said, you still get front and rear parking sensors as well as a reversing camera as standard – on all modelings. This driver’s seat is comfortable and supportive and touches you in place around the angles – even more so if you go for the M Sport or M40i version.

The steering wheel is abundance movable, and so is the seat, so you should be able to find a pleasant driving location. BMW doesn’t give you adjustable lumbar brace as standard though, so as a relatively cheap option we recommend that you do go for that.

If you run your hands over this interior you’ll feel why we believe this is one of the best premium SUVs. It shares a great deal of its interior with the 5 Series – which is our favourite premium saloon car. That said Audi just manages to make it a little bit better, and we do wonder if BMW has croaked somewhat overboard with this key. Which does have a lot of runs on it, although we would prefer to see this in an app, and not on a key that’s about the size of a mobile phone.

This infotainment system though, is miles ahead of anything else in its class, it’s exposed on either a or 10.3 -inch touchscreen, depending on which one you choose, and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio, and USB input as standard. You have to pay extra for Apple CarPlay and Android consumers it’s worth noting now you cannot get Android Auto at all. It’s all restraint with this central dial here – in between the two front seats – or you can just select on the screen like so. There’s lots of space here in front of the BMW X3 and thanks to its high-pitched roofline six-footers amongst you will find there is plenty of headroom and slew of legroom.

And if you really want to invade your fares personal space you’re going to have to lean quite far. Move into the second row, and a couple of tall adults will be able to sit here in quite a lot of comfort. Go for a third adult though, and it’s a bit more of a squeeze than it is in the Land Rover Discovery Sport or Audi Q5. There’s some reasonable storage because there’s somewhere here for health snacks, nice sized entrance bins, very useful.

And if you are carrying people in the back here regularly, it’s worth going for the additional recline back remains, which are actually very comfortable. This boot is truly fit for a family, it’s massive, and the square shape makes there’s easy access to all the luggage you can fit in now. And the lack of load lip is perfect for carrying those additional ponderous items. Then, you are able to fold down the rear fannies whether it was necessary to an even larger boot. There’s little to separate the BMW X3 from its central antagonists in terms of price, and peddler discounts may seem petitioning. But they are offset by the fact the X3 will devalue faster than the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Audi Q5. The xDrive 20 d version that we recommend is also a good choice for company auto moves, thanks to its CO2 radiations pairing the best-in-class.

The good information is that there’s no need to look past the entry-level SE trim, because this comes with everything you’re likely to need. Including heated leather fannies, automatic tailgate, climate and cruise switches, and sat-nav. In fact , now all X3s come with six airbags and automatic disaster restraint, and if you’d like to add to that safety package, you can get lane stay encourage and blind spot monitoring.

The new BMW X3 is great to drive, and has a comfortable, high quality interior. In fact, we think it’s one of the best SUVs you can buy.