Car owners usually charge their phone by using a magnetized mount in the car and plugged into the CD player. It has a magnet built into it and mobile or cell phone has a metal sheet on the back of it you precisely jump in a vehicle and place your phone there. Then you will use your normal car charger USB plug to boost up your phone batt.

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Now there is an easier way to charge your phone while driving in the car.

Why you should Buy Wireless Car Charger

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This is something that spurred all others is to  find a wireless car charger so you can skip a number of steps to charge your mobile.

After going through quite a bit of wireless car charger online,  here is one that we will recommend. This particular car charger was one of the most expensive wireless auto charger but it does have the best quality.

Baseus Qi Wireless Car Charger Review

  • Type:Qi Wireless Charger
  • Install Way:Air Vent Mount / Air Vent
  • Technology:Support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 & Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • 2 Mode Charge:5V,2A (IOS) / 9A,1.67A(Android) such as Huawei Samsung
  • Suitable:4.0-6.5 inch Phones & wireless charging function
  • Feature:Auto-locked Car Holder by Infrared Sensing
  • Material:High Quality ABS+Silicone
  • Function:Wireless Car Charger , Qi Wireless Charger
  • Usage:Support Air Vent Mount GPS DVR Phone Holder
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So in the box you’re gonna get the mount itself it comes with a immediate plug for you to plug into your cigarette lighter a USB cable and the pitch-black leather plateful that looks like it has like some kind of leather or vinyl finish.

Setting up this thing up is really easy. All you’re gonna do is basically clip it onto your AC vent or you are able to prepare it wherever you want using the cornerstone and the double-sided strip once you do that you’re gonna plug it into your cigarette lighter.

Buy this charger from Aliexpress: $19.05
review of baseus wireless car charger

Now one pretty cool thing about Wireless indictments is that they actually work for iPhones and androids so that conveys if you’re an Android person and somebody goes in your vehicle and they have an iPhone they can actually wirelessly bill their phone right in your car.

The exact same charger which is pretty awesome so now that you know that it cost just around $20.

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Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger For iPhone Xs Max XR X Samsung – $19.05 Product – Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger For iPhone Xs Max XR X Samsung Intelligent Infrared Sensor Fast Wirless Charging Car Phone Holder

Let’s talk about some of the downsides this wirless car charger

Wireless charging made your mobile phone really really hot!  So this is true on Android phones and on iPhones so I found that anytime the temperature inside of my vehicle was any hotter than 30 degrees.

It is wise not to charge the phone for longer than ten minutes. The wireless charging is fast but you have to becareful of the heat it generated. It is is too hot, it is not good for the battery.

It will be worse if you are charging especially in direct sunlight. You might be extra worry if the phone is left on to charge for too long under those circumstances.


shipping time for product on aliexpress

Free shipping method does not provide tracking number so we suggest using the Epacket.

It cost about 1usd if you are living in the US which is quite affordable.

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warranty of baseus qi wireless car charger

We love their shopping help. Kindly ask them if you have any queries and their customer support team will come back fast on this.

Buy this charger from Aliexpress: $19.05

Tips to where to mount the wireless car charger

You need to consider when blinding sunlight of hope getting a car mount will be how big is your device and how often are you going to be mounting your a smartphone.

Benefit of having it on the console area is that there’s no chance that your device is going to overheat on a warm day or a hot day which is something that does happen when you mount it on the windshield.

A car console mount is one of the best choice as it gives you the best flexibility in terms of viewing angles last thing to consider is if you are going this route and you do have a bigger iPhone the bigger iPhone is gonna cover more of your console certain products like the night as well network as well larger products because the weight of the iPhone.

A cup holder mounts may work for larger vehicles like trucks because console areas are so large but you’re really losing a cup holder which is incredibly useful because you tend to put anything other than cups in your cup holders number four goes to the console area now for my experience most of the products that suggest mounting it on your console are products that come with integrated magnets products.

So choose the clamp fitting mount is the best option. 

clamp fitting wireless car charger
Buy this charger from Aliexpress: $19.05

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