Having some accessories in your car will help you to improve your car inside and outside. For people that love to add some accessories in their vehicle, this article might help you to source for cheap and good car accessories from Aliexpress. It helps you to improve your beloved car inside and outside.

Top 6 Car Accessories MUST Have

These accessories are not just only for fashion and style but help you to have a safe travel as you drive your car.

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1.GPS tracker

cheap car accessories aliexpress

The GT02A is small GPD tracker that comes with an excellent performance at positioning the vehicle. The GPS tracker has the combination of GSM wireless communication technology; GPS positioning system technology, composed of industrial-grade highly integrated design, good power saving and passive drift suppression which made this product as the most outstanding GPS tracker in the market today. The installation can be done easily and quickly. Connecting the GPS tracker to the power supply will make it work immediately. It has a wide range of input voltage compared to other GPS tracker. It suits perfectly for all types of vehicle such as car, motor cycle, electric car, ships, boat, etc. The GPS tracker provides all the weather, real-time vehicle positioning function, with global positioning service platform which helps you to achieve remote vehicle management.

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2.USB Car Charger

cheap car charger

The Universal 12V 24V to 5V 3Port USB Car Charger Adapter is perfect for smart phones as charging tools and also for GPS tracker. It has a 3 port which allows recharging three gadgets easily. It is 100% brand new and high quality product making it popular to market. It comes with single color – black and made from hard plastic making it durable and not easy to break. This cute sized charger comes with a cute and simple design making it look neat and clean. It is compatible to different types of USB charger cable because the package doesn’t include any cable. This car charger is perfect for iPad, iPod, iPhone, blackberry, smart phones and other USB Powered Devices that uses USB cable to recharge.

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3.Anti-slip mat

anti slip mat

These automobile interior accessories called anti-slip mat works perfectly for mobile phones, mp3, mp4 and iPhone in preventing these devices from slipping away. It holds your device thicker like a web so it won’t fell to the flooring of your car. Aside from that, it is very useful for businessmen and businesswomen that receive calls and messages from time to time. They can accept the call easily with not feeling any rattle and also helps to avoid accidents. The anti-slip mat comes with different colors such as black, red, purple, yellow, green and transparent for people that prefer a clean and neat anti-slip mat. Each anti-slip mat is a high-quality product and it also comes with a very friendly price.

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4.360 Rotatable phone holder

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This 360 rotatable phone holder suits perfectly for 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6. It is a small portable cellphone holder that allows the direction of your mobile to rotate 360 degrees. This product helps you to use your phone easily while driving when there are an emergency calls or messages. Each product also comes with fashionable design which attracts every user. Despite of its good benefits and big help for people who owned a car, its simplicity also makes the product popular in the market today. This 360 rotatable phone holder is really easy and quick to adjust. It contains a strong magnet that holds your phone carefully to prevent it from falling while rotating it. This product doesn’t only come with amazing features but it also comes with a friendly price.

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5.Rear-end warning light

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The anti-collision rear-end car laser is a warning LED light which is made from aluminum, already putting it at an advantage as compared to plastic ones. Containing a circle LED beam which makes it a lot better and than the rest. This laser warning lights are perfect for most cars on the market out there. This small warning light comes with easy installation with minor adjustments to the outlook of your car. This warning light helps users see the danger more easily and avoid it.

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6.Carbon-fiber film

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The carbon-fiber vinyl film is one of the car accessories that make your car look as if it’s made out of carbon fiber! This film is easy to cut covers all surfaces of your vehicle making it easy to apply. Also being water-proof, vehicles can be washed easily and you won’t have to worry about the film peeling off.

120cm x 30cm

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